Professional Development

Become a CEDS!

Completing the IAEDP Certification Process is a significant endeavor in the career of an eating disorder specialist dietitian. As you gain experience in the field, have someone in your corner that can be your go-to for expert advice and professional support. A CEDS-Supervisor allows you to meet your clients with confidence, and ensures that you are providing competent care at every step of the way.

If you’re interested in the IAEDP Certification Process, contact Logan Pace at [email protected].


Meet Logan!

Logan has been an outpatient eating disorder specialist in private practice since 2019. She is a co-owner of Pace & Tebb Nutrition, and has experience supervising Registered Dietitians and dietetic interns in the field of eating disorders. She has dedicated her career to becoming an expert in the field by staying committed to growth and learning, and is passionate about IAEDP’s mission.

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